Men’s 60 & Over State Pairs

Sectional Play 15 Live ends

Date- Monday 2nd, Tuesday 3rd and Wednesday 4th October 2017

9.30am for 10am start. Venue TBA



Section 1 – Bye, B Ellis, B Perryman, P O’Neil

Section 2- R Clough, J Brennan, L Handley, D Meiklejohn

Section 3- J Pell, L Kelly, M Watts, J Knott

Section 4- F Byrne, J Frost, F Thomas, J  Dixon

Section 5- D Condon, I Ross, B Griffin, M Finch

Section 6- K Rowley, B Flett, G Wilson, J Sonego

Section 7- R Vandenberg, B Morley, G Boyd, Bye

Section 8- I Cail, M Rechter, A Kendall, Bye



Women’s 60 & Over State Pairs

Sectional Play 15 Live ends

Date- Tuesday 3rd and Wednesday 4th October 2017

9.30am for 10am start. Venue TBA


Section 1- S Howes, J Robertson, J Holborn, J Belt

Section 2- C Grenfell, H Macleod, R Pearce, M Kirkpatrick

Section 3- C Frost, B Bodinnar, T O’Shea, B McDermott

Section 4- C Jansen, G Jones, J Ross, Bye


The venue for both the Men's and Women's 60+ singles has had to be changed.
This event is early in the season and the Competitions Committee will endeavour to book the best greens that are available at the time.
All games will now be played at Bendigo Bowling Club.


Men’s 60 & Over State Singles
21 Up
Date- Tuesday 26th, Wednesday 27th Thursday 28th September
North Bendigo Bowls Club 9.30am for 10am start.
Second Round to report by 11am....
Losers to mark next round.
Pennant Competitions Committee organizing markers for 1st Round

Round 1
T Babitsch v C Adams

L Handley v B Griffin

A Kendall v G Boyd

Round 2
G Wilson v winner Babitsch/Adams

B Morley v L Kelly

M Houghton v M Peterson

J Knott v B Ellis

B Perryman v winner Handley/Griffin

J Cassidy v I Cail

R Clough v P Fasoli

I Ross v winner Kendall/Boyd


Women’s 60 & Over State Singles
21 Up
Date- Wednesday 27th Thursday 28th September
North Bendigo Bowls Club 9.30am for 10am start.
Second Round to report by 11am.
Losers to mark next round.
Pennant Competitions Committee organizing markers for 1st Round
Round 1
H Macleod v L Tangey
P O’Shea v P Hunter
J Robertson v K Rowe
M Harris v R Pearce
J Grainger v H Cozens
R Punton v J Ross
Round 2
Winner Macleod/L Tangey v winner P O'Shea/P Hunter
C Jansen v M Cusack
J Poulton v J Brown
C Grenfell v Winner Robertson/Rowe
Winner Harris/Pearce v J Fasoli
A Howe v S Howes
J McCurry v G Jones
Winner Grainger/Cozens v Winner Punton/Ross






Closing dates for ALL STATE EVENTS with the Pennant Competitions Committee as listed below.

Club CCO's are asked to forward club entries to Susan Howes by Email -

All Clubs with entries will then be invoiced for outstanding entry fees.  

(Methods of payment will be included on invoice.)

Individual entries and cash will not be accepted by Pennant Competitions Committee Members.

Late Entries Will Not BE Accepted.


         EVENT                            DATE


1. 60 & Over Singles-M/W                  Tues.12th.September

2. 60 & Over Pairs-M/W                      Mon. 18th.September

3. State Triples-M/W                           Sat. 23rd.September

4. Anniversary Fours                            Mon. 25th.September

5. State Fours-M/W                             Sun. 1st. October

6. Novice Singles-M/W                        Sun.15th.October

7. State Pairs-M/W                              Sun.29th.October

8. State Singles-M/W                           Sun.19th.November

9. Mixed Pairs                                        Sun.31st.December

10. Under 25’s M/W                            Sun 23rd December 

11. Champion of Champions M/W    Sun. 7th.January



Midweek and Weelend Pennant

Both Draws now on website 





Results of Midweek Pennant Vote
Following the decision by the Bendigo Bowls Division Board in May to allow
all members to vote on the format of Midweek Pennant . Three options were offered 
by the Board  that comply with the Equal Opportunity Act, those being 
1. Open (all bowlers picked on ability)
2. Restricted-(Division 1-5 restricted with men only allowed t play lead or second. One man
per rink for Division 1-4 and 2 men per rink for Division 5)
3. Women Only/Open (to be played on same day and time)
The result of the vote was
Restricted 53%   Open 35% Women/Open 1.6%  Other 10.4%
At last nights Board meeting it was ratified that  Midweek Pennant for
2017-18  season will be a RESTRICTED  competition.  
The Board would like to thank all Club officials who assisted in obtaining
votes from Club members.

Bendigo Bowls Division AGM 2017/18

Mike Greenwood (South Bendigo)
Deputy Chairman
Marian Craze (Golden Square)
Geoff Howes (Kangaroo Flat)
Stephen Piercy (Eaglehawk)
Coral Maxted (Calivil), Arthur Harrison (Inglewood), Barry Ellis (Campbell's Creek), Jean Belt (Bendigo)
Pennant/Competitions Committee
Ray Sparke (Kangaroo Flat) Susan Howes (Kangaroo Flat) Ruth Pearce (Golden Square) Frank Byrne (Eaglehawk) Ray Rowe (Eaglehawk) Sharon Koch (Bendigo East) Mark Anderson (White Hills) Steve Drummond (Golden Square)
Men- Geoff Boyd (Kangaroo Flat)
Women- Susan Howes (Kangaroo Flat) , Jan Conder (Eaglehawk), Vicki Greenwood (Bendigo)
Umpires- Bev Clements (Golden Square)
Under 18's- Vicki Greenwood and Stephanie Priest (Bendigo)
Pennant Recorder Midweek/Weekend- Susan Howes (Kangaroo Flat) 


Results of todays AGM held at Elmore.

JEAN BELT (Bendigo)

DENISE PAPPIN (F) (Rochester)

MICHAEL GREENWOOD (South Bendigo) withdrew nomination

JOY McARTHUR (Deniliquin RSL)

MARIAN CRAZE (Golden Square) \

GEOFF HOWES (Bendigo East) withdrew nomination

no nomination

no nomination

VIVIENNE BALFOUR (City of Echuca)  withdrew nomination








Michael Greenwood (South Bendigo)
Marian Craze (Golden Square)
Geoff Howes (Bendigo East)
Stephen Piercy (Eaglehawk)
DIRECTORS (4 REQUIRED) Election Required
Marjorie Gorrie (Bendigo VRI)
Don Waight (Bendigo)
Arthur Harrison (Inglewood)
Barry Ellis (Campbell’s Creek)
Coral Maxted (Calivil)
Jean Belt (Bendigo)
PENNANT/COMPETITIONS 8 members required members with a minimum of Three (3) of any one gender Election Required
John Grenfell (Woodbury)
Ray Sparke (Kangaroo Flat)
Susan Howes (Bendigo East)
Ruth Pearce (Golden Square)
Heather Cozens (Woodbury)
Ray Rowe (Eaglehawk)
Frank Byrne (Eaglehawk)
Steve Drummond (Golden Square)
Mark Anderson (White Hills)
Ray McCumber (Castlemaine)
Sharon Koch (Dingee)
Carmel Berry (Kangaroo Flat)
Ian Ross (Bendigo)

Men 3 Members required
Geoffrey Boyd (Kangaroo Flat)
Ladies 3 Members required Election Required
Jan Conder (Eaglehawk)
Susan Howes (Bendigo East)
Heather Cozens (Woodbury)
Dawn Jennings (Golden Square)
Vicki Greenwood (Bendigo)
Vicki Greenwood (Bendigo)
Stephanie Priest (Bendigo)
Susan Howes (Bendigo East)

BOARD NOMINATIONS FOR 2017 -18 for AGM to be held at Elmore on Monday 29th May 2017 at 1pm
JEAN BELT (Bendigo)
DON WAIGHT (Bendigo)

DENISE PAPPIN (F) (Rochester)

DON WAIGHT (Bendigo)

JOY McARTHUR (Deniliquin RSL)

MARIAN CRAZE (Golden Square)

GEOFF HOWES (Bendigo East)

JOY McARTHUR (Deniliquin RSL)













23rd April 2017

State Championships at Bendigo East

 Darren Burgess, Gary Ryan, Chris Randell and Aaron Tomkins (s) Bendigo East are the State fours Champion for 2017, congraulations.





Region Sides Championships

Good Bowling to our Bendigo/Campaspe Region Women's team who play in the Region Sides Championships this weekend at Murray Downs

J Grimshaw (Deniliquin), P Schram (Echuca) M Rehe (Moama) M Stephenson (s) (Moama)
S Priest (Bendigo) G Waegeli (Kangaroo Flat) Ann Borham (Bendigo East) S Howes (s) (Bendigo East)
M Knight (Rochester) M Cunnington (Echuca) M Brennan (Moama) S Connolly (s) (Moama)
Emergencies- H Clough (Bendigo East) J Robertson (Eaglehawk)



 Region Pennant Finals

Congratulations to Bendigo East Midweek Division 1 defeating Moama 53/42 in the Region State Pennant finals now off to the State finals on 9th/10th/11th May in Moama.
Good bowling to Bendigo against Moama in  the Weekend Region Pennant Finals next Saturday at Eaglehawk



 Results of todays Region Finals
Women's State Singles
Lee Harris (Bendigo) def Sandra Connelly (Moama) 25/23
Men's State Pairs
Graeme O'Brien/ Kevin Brennan (Moama) def Damian Mason/ Geoff Briggs (Bendigo) 15/13
Women's State Pairs
Margo Brennan/ Margaret Knight (Composite) def Helen Clough/ Anne Borham (Bendigo East) 19/14
State Mixed Pairs
Amelia Bruggy/ Andrew Brown (Bendigo) def Pat Schram/ Phillip Thorn (Echuca) 19/16
Good bowling in the State Finals


Results of Region Finals
Champion of Champions
Rod Phillips (Castlemaine) def Phillip Thorn (Echuca) 25/17
Veronica Kelly (Echuca) def Stephanie Priest (Bendigo) 25/14


State Singles
Phillip Thorn (Echuca) def Mitch Sidebottom (South Bendigo) 25/8


State Triples
Darren Burgess, David Keenan, Aaron Tomkins (s) (Bendigo East) def
Greg Pettigrove, Glen Dorwood, Barry Brennan (s) (Moama) 20/8


Barbara Petch, Judy Vise, Virginia Noar (s) (Rich River) def Patti Pain, Mardi Chisholm,
Julie Ross (s) (Golden Square) 20/11


State Fours
Tom Lester, Gary Ryan, Darren Burgess, Aaron Tomkins (s) (Bendigo East) def
Jim Hogan, Glen Dorwood, Barry Brennan, Kevin Brennan (s) (Moama) 21/15


Heather Curnick, Denise Pappin, Marg Knight, Lyn Moon (s) (Rochester) def
Carrol Frost, Pat Devereaux, Pam Hunter, Tricia O’Shea (s) (Castlemaine) 14/11


Good bowling to all winners in the State Finals


State Pairs, Mixed Pairs and Women’s State Single to be played next Sunday at Eaglehawk.



Provincial Championships
Overall winner was Wimmera with 4 points and 19 shots. Ballarat had the same points and shots but Wimmera was the winner by 0.5328% on count back. Good for Bowls as they have not won this event for 34 years. Geelong finished third with 4 points 13 shots and Bendigo had no wins and minus 46 shots.


Bendigo results as follows


First game against Wimmera Lost 58 - 84
Team 1. D. Keenan 9 lost to W. Perrin 15
2. A. Tomkins 9 Lost to G. Gazelle 13
3. D. Burgess 10 Lost to R. Sinclair 16
4. M. Mc Lean 10 Lost to A. Batchellor 17
5. M. Smith 13 Defeated M. Funcke 9
6. B. Holland 7 Lost to D. Gloury 14


Game 2 against Ballarat Lost 77 to 84
1. D. Keenan 14 lost to B. Mahoney 16
2. A. Tomkins 4 Lost to S. Roberts 21
3. D. Burgess 15 Defeated G. Sargent 12
4. M. Mc Lean 11 tied with J. Barry 11
5. M. Smith 17 Defeated B. Clark 13
6. B. Holland 16 Defeated S. Hollingworth 11


Game 3 against Geelong Lost 63 to 76
1. D. Keenan 6 lost to C. Inderberg 14
2. A. Tomkins 14 Defeated L. Wayth 9
3. D. Burgess 13 Defeated M. Flapper 12
4. M. Mc Lean 11 lost to C. Hodges 16
5. M. Smith 7 Lost to I. O' Donnell 14
6. B. Holland 12 Defeated Z. Lugg 11




Region Finals
Champion of Champions (to be played 12th Feb)
Rod Phillips (Castlemaine) v Phillip Thorn (City of Echuca)
Stephanie Priest (Bendigo) v Veronica Kelly (City of Echuca


State Singles (Men’s played 12th Feb, Women’s 19th Feb)
Mitch Sidebottom (South Bendigo) v Phillip Thorn (City of Echuca)
Lee Harris (Bendigo) v Sandra Connolly (Moama)


State Pairs (to be played 19th Feb)
Damian Mason/Geoff Briggs (Bendigo) v G O’Brien/ Kevin Brennan (Moama)
Helen Clough/Ann Borham (Bendigo East) v Margo Brennan/ Margaret Knight (s) (Composite)


State Triples (to be played 12th Feb)
Chris Randall, Darren Burgess, Aaron Tomkins (s) (Bendigo East) v Greg Pettigove, Glen Dorwood, Barry Brennan (s), (Moama)
Patti Pain, Mardi Chisholm, Julie Ross (s) (Golden Square) v Barbara Petch, Judy Vise Virginia Noar (s) (Rich River)


State Fours (To be played 12th Feb)
Tom Lester, Gary Ryan, Chris Randall, Aaron Tomkins (s) (Bendigo East) v Jim Hogan Glen Dorwood, Barry Brennan, Kevin Brennan (s) (Moama))
Carrol Frost, Val Passalaqua, Pat Devereaux, Tricia O’Shea (Castlemaine) v Heather Curnick, Denise Pappin, Marg Knight, Lyn Moon (s) (Rochester)


Mixed Pairs (date to be advised)
Amelia Bruggy/Andrew Brown (Bendigo) v ?




Midweek Pennant

Midweek Pennant has been cancelled due to greens being closed.

This round will be played on the reserve day 24th February.






 Results of the Women's State Pairs
Section Winners
P Hunter/T O'Shea (Castlemaine) B McDermott/S Howes (Bendigo East), H Clough/A Borham (Bendigo East), G Waegeli/L Harris (Composite)
Semi Finals- S Howes def T O'Shea 18/13, A Borham def L Harris 22/17.
In the final Helen Clough/Ann Borham Def Bronwyn McDermott/Susan Howes 19/16
Ann and Helen will now compete in the Region Finals on 19th Feb at Eaglehawk





Women's Champion of Champions
Semi Finals
Stephanie Priest (Bendigo) def Lea Whiffin (Golden Square) 25/17
Nancy Tate (Marong) def Carrol Frost (Castlemaine) 25/10
In the final Stephanie Priest defeated Nancy Tate 25/21.


Stephanie will now play Veronica Kelly (Echuca) in the Region final at North Bendigo on 12th February.



Men's State Pairs
Semi Finals
Damian Mason/Geoff Briggs (Bendigo) def Travis/John Berry (Kangaroo Flat) 21/9
Barry Anset (sub for Ian Ross)/Barry Whiffin (Bendigo) def Darren Burgess/Aaron Tomkins (Bendigo East) 21/15
In the final Damian and Geoff defeated Barry and Barry 19/11
They will now play in the Region Finals on 19th February at Eaglehawk.


State Mixed Pairs Final
The final of the Mixed pairs saw Amelia Bruggy/Andrew Brown (Bendigo) def Con and Jenny O'Shea (Eaglehawk) 16/12
Amelia and Andrew will now play the Region Final on 19th February at Eaglehawk




Updated Provincial Team

Rink 1
> G Woodward, P Godkin, P Moller, D Keenan (s)
> Rink 2
> M Cole, G, Boyd, T Russell, A Tomkins (s)
> Rink 3
> R Rowe, P Vlaeminck, L Crapper, D Burgess (s)
> Rink 4
> L Manning, T Babitsch, R Day, M McLean (s)
> Rink 5
> S Drummond, G Walsh, B Byrne, M Smith (s)
> Rink 6
> N Belt, G Ryan, D Rowley, B Holland (s)
> Manager L Grainger



Draw for the Women’s State Pairs
To be played Wednesday 1st Feb and Thursday 2nd Feb.
At Kangaroo Flat 9am rollup for 9.30am start
Section 1
J Ross, T O’Shea, V Ashman, K Rowe.
Section 2
S Koch, S Howes, C Gallop, J Grainger
Section 3
J Robertson, H Cozens, J Conder, H Clough
Section 4
V Greenwood, E Bowland, L Harris, H Macleod.


The Region State Finals are to be played Sunday 12th Feb and Sunday 19th Feb. Both Bendigo and Campaspe Divisions have agreed to the following as per set at the start of the 2016/17 season.


Sunday 12th of February at Nth. Bendigo.
AM. 9.30 for a 10.00 Start.


Champion of Champions -Men's and Women's.
Triples- Men's and Women's.


PM. To be at venue by 12.00 Noon.
Fours- Men's and Women's.
Men's State Singles.


Sunday 19th February at Eaglehawk.
AM 9.30 for a 10.00 start.


State Singles-Women.
State Pairs- Men's and Women's.
Mixed Pairs.


Saturday 8th April will be the Region Pennant Finals in Bendigo


Conditions of play may be altered by the Controlling Body who are The BBD Match Committee.






Men's Champion of Champions
Congratulations to Rod Phillips (Castlemaine) winning the Men's Champion of Champions. Also congratulations to Darren Marshall (Marong) on reaching the final.
Semi Finals- Rod Phillips def Barry Hogan (North Bendigo) 26/13
Darren Marshall def Damian Mason (Bendigo) 25/24
In the final Rod defeated Darren 25/12
Rod will now represent Bendigo in the Region finals next month in Bendigo.




Results of today’s State Mixed Pairs Finals
T Russell/S Priest (Bendigo) def N/J Belt (Bendigo) 22/13
A Brown/A Bruggy(Bendigo) def P/I Godkin (Eaglehawk) 23/9
B Morley/L Harris (Bendigo) def M Watts/J Robertson (Composite) 17/16 C/J O'Shea bye
Semi Finals
Brown/Bruggy def Russell/Priest 22/6
O'Shea def Morley/Harris 18/17

Final next Sunday at North Bendigo 9am for 9.30am start.









Results of todays Champion of Champions
Round 1
N Tate d L Rowley 25/17, L Trahair d H Braid 26/20, S Howes d S Koch 25/19.
Round 2
B Kendall d K Sparke 25/10, C Frost d J Robertson 25/14, K Tanner d D Anderson 25/14, N Tate d L Trahair 25/16, S Howes d V Ellis 25/23, S Priest  d N Wilson 25/7, L Whiffin d V Tierney 25/18, C Maxted d P Stannard 25/12,
Quarter Finals
C Frost d B Kendall 25/15, N Tate d K Tanner 27/19, S Priest d S Howes 25/24, L Whiffin d C Maxted 25/18
Semi Finals will be C Frost v N Tate, S Priest v L Whiffin.


Round 1
D Mason d A Leech 25/23, M McLean d T Gilmore 25/24, D Marshall d C Randall 25/20, M Cole d R Warner 26/9, B Hogan WO from D Cheeseman, B Taylor WO from R Tainton, H Jansen d D Retallick 25/24, R Phillips bye
Quarter Finals
D Mason d McLean 25/24, D Marshall d M Cole 25/19, B Hogan d B Taylor 25/11, R Phillips d H Jansen 25/8
Semi Finals
D Mason v D Marshall, B Hogan v R Phillips.     






State Mixed Pairs played today at Kangaroo Flat.
Next round to be played next Sunday 22nd January at North Bendigo. 9am for 9.30am start.

Section Winners
N/J  Belt v T Russell/S Priest
A Brown/A Bruggy v P/I Godkin
M Watts/J Robertson v B Morley/L Harris
C/J O'Shea bye 


Draw for State Mixed Pairs
Saturday 14th January at Kangaroo Flat  9am rollup for 9.30am start (time not as previously advised)


Section 1
B Flett, M Watts, J Grenfell. T. Russell.


Section 2
A Brown, A Kendall, I Ross, B Whiffin.


Section 3
R Trevethan, M Houghton, S Ashman, K Memeth.


Section 4
J Belt, D Bennet, B Morley, I Brown


Section 5
R Rowe, S Carter, P Gould, D Condon.


Section 6
C O'Shea, D Mason. P Godkin


(Godkin has bye in first round, winner has bye in 2nd round) 



Draw for Champion of Champions
To be played at Bendigo East Sunday 15th January 9am rollup for 9.30am start.
D Mason v A Leech, M McLean v T Gilmore, C Randell v D Marshall, R Warner v M Cole, D Cheeseman v B Hogan, B Taylor v R Tainton, H Jansen v D Retallick, R Phillips v Bye.

1st Round
K Sparke v B Kendall, C Frost v J Robertson, N Tate v L Rowley, H Braid v L Trahair, S Howes v S Koch

 Round 2
K Tanner v D Anderson, Winner Tate/Rowley v Winner Braid/Trahair, Winner Howes/Koch v V Ellis, N Wilson v S Priest, L Whiffin v V Tierney, P Stannard v C Maxted. 





 Club Champion of Champions
Bendigo- Stephanie Priest/ Damian Mason
Bendigo East- Susan Howes/ Chris Randell
Bendigo VRI- Phoebe Stannard/David Retallick
Bridgewater- Vicki Tierney/ no male entry
Calivil- Coral Maxted/ Alan Leech
Campbell’s Creek- Val Ellis/ Ross Warner
Castlemaine- Carrol Frost/ Rod Phillips
Dingee- Sharon Koch/ Keith Whitlock
Eaglehawk- Jan Robertson/ Terry Gilmore
Golden Square- Leah Whiffin/Darryl Cheeseman
Harcourt- Heather Braid/ men not yet played
Heathcote- Denise Anderson/Brian Taylor
Inglewood- Lorraine Rowley/ Mal McLean
Kangaroo Flat- Kerry Sparke/ Mitch Cole
Lockwood South- No entries
Marong- Nancy Tate/ Darren Marshall
North Bendigo- No Lady entry/Barry Hogan
Serpentine- No Entries
South Bendigo- Bev Kendall/ Ryan Tainton
Strathfieldsaye- Nicole Wilson/ Geoff Dixon
White Hills- Lorraine Trahair/ Hank Jansen
Woodbury- Kathy Tanner/ Len Handley

Keith Whitlock, Geoff Dixon and Len Handley not playing
Draw being done tomorrow


Draw for State Mixed Pairs
To be played at Kangaroo Flat Saturday14th January 2017
8.30am rollup for 9am start.




It has been brought to the Match Committees attention that other nominations for the Mixed Pairs were received by Clubs by the due date. Due to mail issues this will necessitate a redraw being completed. John Grenfell (Chairman Match Committee)





Mixed Pairs and Champion of Champions

Entries close with Match Committee for State Mixed Pairs on Wednesday 4th January 2017

and Champion of Champions with Division Secretary on 9th January (by mail, Email or phone call)




State Singles Finals


Results of todays State Singles finals.
Mitch Sidebottom (South Bendigo) defeated Mal McLean (Inglewood) 25/19


Semi Finals
Lee Harris (Bendigo) defeated Julie Ross ( Golden Square) 25/15.
Amelia Bruggy (Bendigo) defeated Vicki Greenwood (Bendigo) 25/8
In the Final Lee defeated Amelia 25/21






Results of the Bernice Boromeo/ Lorna Lucas Ballarat Challenge played at Kangaroo Flat on 14th December
Bendigo won the Shield 165 to 103.
J Poulter, J Robertson, A Bruggy, S Howes (s) 21 lt L Macarthur 23 
S Priest, T O'Shea, D. Spencer, A Borham (s) 36 d J Dunn 14
P Hunter, Y. Robinson, H Clough, V Flett (s) 35 d J Earl 8
C Frost, J Conder. J Belt, V Greenwood (s) 23 d R Ryan 16
F Pekarsky, L Strauss, P Devereaux, H. Cozens (s) 23 d J. Adams 22
I Godkin, P Pain, G, Waegeli. K. Rowe (s) 27 d G. Kay 22          




Men's State Pairs

The finals of the Men's State Pairs will be played on Sunday 29th January 2017

J / T Berry v G Briggs/D Mason, B Whiffin/I Ross v D Morris/A Tomkins




Men's State Singles and Women's State Singles Finals


Finals of the Men's and Women's State Singles will be played this Sunday at South Bendigo.
Women's Semi Finals
V Greenwood v A Bruggy
J Ross v L Harris
9.30am rollup for 10am start. Final at 1.30pm


Men's Final
Mitch Sidebottom v Mal McLean will be played at South Bendigo
1pm rollup for 1.30pm start.




 Men's State Singles Finals

The Men's State Finals will be held this Sunday at South Bendigo
9.30am rollup for 10am start.
A Brown v I Ross'
J Knott v M Sidebottom
D Mason v M McLean
M Cole v R Pearce 




Results to date from todays State Men's Singles
Round 1
C Randall d R Clough, D Coles d D Keanelly, B Morley d D Marshall, L Manning d T Lester, J Berry d I Cail
Rd 2
A Brown d M Dickins, G Ryan d S Piercy, I Ross d B Ellis,
T Babitsch d T Bradley, J Knott d N Davies,  W Marwood d P Mylon, M Sidebottom d C Randall, B Morley d D Coles, L Manning d J Berry, D Mason d L Kelly, T Russell d G Boyd, M McLean d G Walsh, N Belt d M Beer, M Cole d B Holland, R Pearce d K Tonkin, S Drummond d T Berry
Rd 3
A Brown d G Ryan, I Ross d T Babitsch, J Knott d W Marwood, M McLean d T Russell, R, Pearce d S Drummond, M Sidebottom d B Morley, L Manning lt D Mason, N Belt lt M Cole.
Finals next finals at South Bendigo (Note this venue could change.   


Draw for Men’s State Singles
To be played Sunday 4th December at Bendigo
First named players to provide marker and losing players to mark next game.
The following players to report at 9am for rollup with 9.30am start.
C Randall v R Clough, D Coles v D Keanelly, B Morley v D Marshall,
L Manning v T Lester, J Berry v I Cail.


The following players to report at 10am for rollup with 10.30am start.
M Dickins v A Brown, S Piercy v G Ryan, I Ross v B Ellis, T Bradley v T Babitsch,
N Davies v J Knott, P Mylon v W Marwood, M Sidebottom v winner Randall/Clough,
L Kelly v D Mason, T Russell v G Boyd, M McLean v G Walsh, N Belt v M Beer, M Cole v
B Holland, R Pearce v K Tonkin, T Berry v S Drummond


Draw for Women’s State Singles
To be played Sunday 11th December at South Bendigo.
Note change of date.
9.30am rollup for 10am start.
First named to provide marker.
Round 1
V Greenwood v V Flett, J Robertson v H Clough, A Bruggy v S Priest,
L Harris v P O’Shea, J O’Shea v G Waegeli
Round 1 L Whiffin v winner Greenwood/Flett, J Ross v K Rowe.



Results of Women’s State Triples
Semi Finals
H Clough (Bendigo East) def V Flett (Composite) 27/9
J Ross (Golden Square) def J Robertson (Eaglehawk) 17/13
In the final Patti Pain, Mardi Chisholm, Julie Ross def Faye Pekarsky (sub)
Carol Gallop, Helen Clough 21/10


Men’s State Pairs
G Briggs def P Brain 19/6, I Ross def DResults of Women’s State Triples Cheeseman 17/9
Quarter Finals
G Briggs def G Beckham 22/5, I Ross def A Brown 17/10
A Tomkins def R McCumber 19/12, J Berry def M Anderson 20/6
Semifinals to be played at a later date
J and T Berry v G Briggs/D Mason, B Whiffin/I Ross v D Morris/A Tomkins






Boromeo/Lucas Challange

Women's team for the Boromeo/Lucas Challenge against Ballarat on Wednesday 14th December at Kangaroo Flat Bowls Club. Players to assemble at 9am to receive shirts and stickers.
White Pants, Blue/White hats/visors.
Game commences at 10.30am, 25 ends.
If not available please advise Dawn Jennings ASAP.
J. Poulton, J Robertson, A Bruggy, S Howes (s)
S Priest, T. O'Shea, D. Spencer, A Borham (s)
P. Hunter, Y. Robinson, H. Clough, B. Taig (s)
V Flett, J Conder, J Belt, V Greenwood (s)
L Strauss, C Frost, H Cozens, K Rowe (s)
I Godkin, P Pain, G Waegeli, B McDermott (s)




 Women's Region Novice Final

Maureen Harris (Campbell's Creek) def Beryl Elliot (Rochester) 21/12. Maureen will now represent Bendigo/Campaspe in the State Finals at Mulgrave in February.




Results Men's State Pairs and Women's State Triples

Results Women's State Triples
Rd 1
J Ross 24 d T O'Shea 5
H Clough d R Pearce 21/8
Rd 2
J Robertson d S Howes 16/13
J Ross d V Ashman 18/16
Next Sunday's Semi Finals at South Bendigo 9.30am rollup 10am Start 
J Robertson v J Ross, H Clough v v Flett


Section Winners of Men's State Pairs.
Next round to be played next Sunday at South Bendigo
9.30am rollup for 10am start
Morning game
P Brain v G Briggs
D Cheeseman v I Ross
Afternoon games
J Berry v M Anderson
G Beckham v winner Brain/Briggs
A Brown v winner Cheeseman/Ross
R McCumber v A Tomkins







Men's State Fours Final

 The final of the Men's State Fours.
C Keenan, D Morris, P Vlaeminck, D Keenan (s) Bendigo East 11 lost  T Lester, G Ryan, C Randell, A Tomkins (s) Bendigo East 21.


Mens State Pairs and Womens State Triples Draw

Womens State Triples
Sunday 13th November 2016 at South Bendigo
9.30am rollup for 10am start
Round 1
T O’Shea (Castlemaine) v J Ross (Golden Square)
H Clough (Bendigo East) v R Pearce (Golden Square)
Round 2
V Ashman (Eaglehawk) v winner O’Shea/Ross
S Howes (Bendigo East) v J Robertson (Eaglehawk)
L Harris (Bendigo) v V Flett (Kangaroo Flat)
J Grainger (Woodbury) v winner Clough/Pearce


Men’s State Pairs
Sunday 13th November 2016
9.30am Rollup 10am start
At Bendigo East
J Berry (Kangaroo Flat), M Cole (Kangaroo Flat), M Dickins (Marong), B Byrne (Eaglehawk)
M Anderson (White Hills), K Nemeth (Bendigo), W Marwood (South Bendigo), R Pearce (Bendigo East)
K Tonkin (Inglewood) L Kelly (Inglewood) J Knott (Bendigo) G Beckham (Eaglehawk)
L Hoskin (Composite) D Chesseman (Golden Square) B Anset (Composite) B McConnell (Castlemaine)
B Holland (South Bendigo) I Ross (Bendigo) P Marron (South Bendigo) B Morley (Bendigo)
S Carter (Eaglehawk) R Day (Inglewood) A Brown (Bendigo) I Cail (Composite)


A South Bendigo
M Diprose (Castlemaine) P Brain (Castlemaine) P Moller (Bendigo East) N Belt (Bendigo)
R Clough (Bendigo East) D Keenan (Bendigo East) C Randell (Bendigo East) G Briggs (Bendigo
R McCumber (Castlemaine) B Griffin (Bendigo East) N Davies (Composite) T Dalwood (Bendigo East)
P Godkin (Eaglehawk) D Coles (Bendigo East) A Tomkins (Bendigo East)



Region Finals
The Region Finals of the 60 and Over events held at Woodbury

Ian Ross (Bendigo) def  Kevin Brennan (Moama) 21/11
Susan Howes (Bendigo East) lt Marilyn Stephenson (Moama) 21/12

Con O'Shea/Mal Beer (Eaglehawk) def Colin Berryman/Ray Milne (City of Echuca) 21/10
Ann Borham/Susan Howes (Bendigo East) def Beryl Eddy/Sandra Connolly (Moama) 17/7
The winners will now go to the State Finals with the singles being played at Ocean Grove and Pairs at Yarraville/Footscray

This season we are embracing technology with pennant information available on our web pages and through Facebook. we hope that through the technology clubs will have access to the results and ladder at an earlier stage. There will be a few Hiccups so please be patient


Thought of the month
No laws governing a sport can cope with every situation, and the laws governing the sport of bowls are no exception.

Unusual situations not covered within the laws can often arise. The Laws of the Sport of Bowls (‘the laws’) have been drawn up in the spirit of true sportsmanship. So, if a situation arises that is not covered by these laws, players, markers and umpires should use their common sense and a spirit of fair play to decide on the appropriate course of action.









60 and Over Region Finals

Region Finals The Region Finals of the 60 and Over events held at Woodbury Singles Ian Ross (Bendigo) def  Kevin Brennan (Moama) 21/11 Susan Howes (Bendigo East) lt Marilyn Stephenson (Moama) 21/12 Pairs Con O'Shea/Mal Beer (Eaglehawk) def Colin Berryman/Ray Milne (City of Echuca) 21/10 Ann Borham/Susan Howes (Bendigo East) def Beryl Eddy/Sandra Connolly (Moama) 17/7 The winners will now go to the State Finals with the singles being played at Ocean Grove and Pairs at Yarraville/Footscray

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