The Boromeo/Lucas Shield will be played at Sebastapol Bowling Club on Friday 1st December.

The following players have been selected and made themselves available for this challenge against the best in Ballarat.

V.Grenfell, J. Clough, I. Godkin, K. Rowe (s)

J. Ovenden, C. Gallop, J. Wharfe, A. Borham(s)

J. Poulton, J. Conder, G. Waegeli , P. Hunter(s)

V. White, A. Ferguson, Y. Robinson, V. Flett(s)

P. Devereaux, J. Robertson, M. Chisholm, T. O'Shea(s)

B. Davies, C. Grenfell, J. Grainger, S. Howes(s)

Players are to wear white shorts, skorts or trousers and shirts will be supplied on the day. Preferably white or blue hats or visors.

As you are all representing the BBD we ask that all uniform looks smart. Please no skin tight shorts or trousers.

Bus departs Kangaroo Flat Bowling Club at 7.30am. Please be 15 min. early. Pick up Castlemaine approx. 8am

No cost to players.

2 course lunch provided by BDBD.

Please contact Jan Conder -0458448653 or Susan Howes- 0412542981 if any of your situations change.



Men’s State Pairs
Section 1- B Byrne, B Marron, (Composite)
Section 2- G Boyd T Russell (Kangaroo Flat)
Section 3- K Rooke, J Cassidy,(Composite)
Section 4- J Jennings, A Brown (Composite)
Section 5- M Darroch, R McCumber, (Castlemaine)
Section 6- T Gilmore, R Rowe (Eaglehawk)
Section 7- T Hayes, P Mylon (Marong)
Section 8- G Wilson, R Day, (Inglewood)
Section 9- J Carter, S Carter, (Eaglehawk)
Post Sectional to be played Sunday 26th November.
9am for 9.30am start Section 4 and 5 to play.
Quarter finals approx. 12noon




Women’s State Pairs
Section Winners
Section 1- B Davies, S Howes (Kangaroo Flat)
Section 2- I Godkin, J Condor (Eaglehawk)
Section 3- S Priest, V Greenwood (Bendigo) ...
Section 4- G Waegeli, L Harris (Composite)
Post Sectional to be played Sunday 26th November
9am for 9.30 Start 18 ends at Bendigo


Semi Finals of the Women's State Fours


V Flett, B Davies, G Waegeli S Howes (s) Kangaroo Flat def M Cusack, P Pain, M Chisholm, J Ross (s) Golden Square 21/10



The final will be between V Flett, B Davies, G Waegeli S Howes (s) Kangaroo Flat and C Frost, P Devereaux, P Hunter, T O’Shea (s) Castlemaine



Men’s Novice Singles Final

Men’s Novice Singles final held today at Golden Square was won by Geoff Baldwin (White Hills) who defeated last years winner Kevin Probert (Strathfieldsaye) 21/18. Geoff will now play in the Region Final on Sunday 3rd December against the Campaspe winner Mark Evans (City of Echuca)

Our Women’s Novice Singles winner Stacey Rogers will play Christine Richie (Moama)


Men’s State Fours Semi Final played today at Golden Square.

Barry Whiffin, Bruce Morley, Torie Babitsch, Ian Ross (s) Bendigo def John Jennings, Mark Anderson, Mitch Hocking, Andrew Brown (s) Composite 20/15

Other Semi Final is to be played by 28th November.



STATE Fours Semi Finals at Kangaroo Flat Friday 10th November, 18 ends
Women- 10am for a 10.30 start
S Howes v J Ross,
Men- 530pm for a 6pm start  Will now be played at a later date 
B Marron v M Watts, A Brown v T Babitsch....
Final date to be advised

Women’s State Pairs

To be played on Sunday 12th November at Bendigo East

9.15am rollup for 9.30am start

Section 1- B Bodinnar, S Howes, K Rowe, E Bowland.

Section 2- J Davey, J Condor, A Borham, J McCurry

Section 3- V Greenwood, J O’Shea, S Koch, S Lord.

Section 4- J Ross, L Harris, V White, Bye

Post Sectional to be played Sunday 26th November.


Men’s State Pairs

To be played on Sunday 12th November at Bendigo

9.15am, rollup for 9.30am start.

Section 1- B Marron, P Moller, I Cail, K Shuttleworth

Section 2- B Holland, R Clough, I Ross, T Russell

Section 3- D Filuk, L Kelly, J Cassidy, J Berry

Section 4- M Anderson, K Rusbridge, M Cole, A Brown

Section 5- R McCumber, C Randell, L Crapper, Bye

Section 6- S Fulton, R Rowe, P Godkin, K Tonkin

Section 7- D Rowley, L Handley, T Babitsch, P Mylon

Section 8- R Day, R Pearce, J Jackman, M Lord (Snr)

Section 9- S Carter, P O’Neil, B Anset, W Marwood 

Post Sectional to be played Sunday 26th November.


Results Men’s Novice Singles

Round 1

M Barker lt G Baldwin 21/2, G Ellis lt B Leech 21/12

Round 2

B Pozer Walkover I Ross, B Hopley lt G Baldwin 21/10, J Dullard lt B Leech 21/7, D Howarth lt K Probert 21/15

Semi Finals

B Pozer lt G Baldwin 21/13, B Leech lt K Probert 21/11

Final to be played next Sunday 5th Nov at Golden Square 10am

Results Women’s Novice Singles

Round 1

J Stiles lt  M Fulton 21/18, J Austin walkover to M Pysing, S Rogers d P Jubb 21/11.

Semi Finals

M Fulton d M Pysing 221/11, M Baldwin lt S Rogers 21/7

In the final Stacey Rogers (Bendigo) defeated Malou Fulton (Kangaroo Flat) 22/2

Stacey will now play the Region Final on Sunday December 3rd.

Results of the Northern Country Challenge held at Moama 29th October 2017


Golden Rivers Challenge (Women)


Campaspe again won the Shield.




Campaspe 6 points plus 81 shots


Bendigo 3 points -12 shots


Goulburn Valley 3 points - 22 shots


Northern 0 points -47 shots.


Best rinks


D Pappin, L Easther, M Knight, L Harris (s)


Runner Up J Palmer, B Murray, S Connolly, M Roberts (s)




Bendigo Results


L Harris 2 wins -3, V Flett 1 win - 15 S Howes 2 wins +6




Norm Knopp Shield (Men)


Bendigo won the shield again




Bendigo 6 points +36 shots


Campaspe 4 points +33 shots


Goulburn Valley 2 points -23 shots


Murray 0 points - 46 shots


Best Rinks


B Morley, S Lyons, P Moller, B Marron (s)




W Dagger, R Looke, C Power, B Orr (s) (GV)




Bendigo Results


B Byrne o wins -9, D Rowley, 2 wins +9, A Brown 1 win -7, C Wilson 3 wins +5, B Marron 3 wins +24, M McLean +14




Region 60+ Finals Results

60+ Ladies Singles 
Jill Grimshaw (Deniliquin) Def
Susan Howes (Kangaroo Flat)
60+ Ladies Pairs Champions
Sandra Connolly(Skip) & Beryl Eddy  - (Moama) Def 
Julie Ross(Skip) & Patti Pain (Golden Square)
60+ Mens Singles Champion
Torrie Babitsch (Bendigo Bowls Club) Def 
Stan Barker (Moama) 
60+ Mens Pairs Champions
Ian Ross(Skip) & Torrie Babitsch (Bendigo Bowls Club) Def 
Graeme Moffatt(Skip) & Darryl Wood(s)  - (Rich River)


 Northern Country Challenge to be played Sunday at Moama 

Norm Knopp Challenge Teams


Goulburn Valley      Manager R Warburton

1. G Thatcher, J Spedding, K Ferguson,  J Tinning (s)

2. B Hatzie, T Hancock, G Schilling, D Cartwright (s)

3. W Dagger, R Locke, C Power, B Orr (s)

4. G Franze, N Boyd, Jordan Thornton, Josh Thornton (s)

5. J Gribble, J Hicks, J Stokes, D Daws (s)

6. S Walsh, P Nichols, R George, R Page (s)

Murray                     Manager A Rogers

1. P Russell, B Wright, P Ware, R Emerson (s)

2. J Luci, G Sutcliffe, B Stanger, B Cosgrove (s)

3. M Lewis, G Carter, G Dunn, S Tatnell (s)

4. P Ellul, R Brown, M Hanna, S Lunn (s)

5. R Taylor, A Whiteside, B Dowling, C Philpot (s)

6. L Stephens, D O’Connor, D Larkin, R Smith


Bendigo                   Manager A Harrison

1. T Lester, K Shuttleworth, L Crapper, B Byrne (s)

2. P Godkin, G Ryan, C Randell, D Rowley (s)

3. N Belt, G Walsh, M Hocking, A Brown (s)

4. S Drummond, G Boyd, T Babitsch, C Wilson (s)

5. B Morley, S Lyons, P Moller, B Marron (s)

6. R Rowe, G Wilson, R Day, M McLean (s)


Campaspe               Manager   L Vallance

1. A Vesty, J Hogan, R Werner, T Mansbridge (s)

2. M Chaplin, G Dorward, A Birch, K Brennan (s)

3. C Roberts, C Keenan, R Feuk, D Keenan (s)

4. B Tinning, S Hammond, P Thorn, M Humphries (s)

5. W Brooks, I Hicks, K Liverton, G Beattie (s)

6. D Hessel, T Nagorcka, S Barker, S Laing (s)

Golden Rivers Challenge Teams


Goulburn Valley      Manager J O’Donnell

1. M Thorne, J Crowe, B Cahill, D Hands (s)

2. E Gale, L Barber, J Dixon, J Sprague (s)

3. D Downie, L Nicholson, D Best, J Overall (s)


Northern                  Manager  B Woods

1. J Lausen, M Orr, H McBain, J Fairchild (s)

2. M Gruar, J Eagles, M Scott, Y Eclhardt (s)

3. B Williams, J Hipwell, G Campbell. D Manners (s)



Bendigo                   Manager S Koch

1. J Poulton, KRowe, A Borham, V Flett (s)

2. I Godkin, J Robertson, Y Robinson, L Harris (s)

3. J Davey, C Gallop, G Waegeli, S Howes (s)


Campaspe                Manager M Rehe

1. B Leetham, A Williams, F Munnerley, J Grimshaw (s)

2. J Palmer,B Murray, S Connolly, M Roberts (s)

3. D Pappin, L Easther, M Knight, L Harris (s)



Draw for Novice Singles

To be played Sunday 29th October at Golden Square

9.30am rollup for 10am start.


Round 1

M Barker v G Baldwin, G Ellis v B Leech.

Round 2 (approx 12 noon)

B Pozer v I Ross, B Hopley v winner Barker/Baldwin), J Dullard v winner Ellis/Leech, D Howarth v K Probert


Round 1

J Stiles v M Fulton, J Austin v M Pysing, S Rogers v P Jubb.

Round 2 (approx 12 noon)

M Baldwin v winner Rogers/Jubb


Men's Team for the Norm Knopp to be played at Moama
on Sunday 29th October.
Bus leaves Bendigo East at 7.30am
Please contact Geoff Boyd on 0430069247 if unavailable.
Team 1.
B Byrne (s)
L Crapper
Team 2
B.Anset (s)
Team 3.
A.Brown (s)
G Walsh
Team 4.
C.Wilson (s)
Team 5.
B.Marron (s)
Team 6.
M.McLean (s)



Golden Rivers Shield team

The BBD Women's selection committee have chosen the following players to compete at Moama against teams from Campaspe, Goulburn Valley and Northern for the Golden Rivers Shield on Sunday 29th October.

Leads. J Poulton. W.Bury. I. Godkin. E.H. J.Davey. B.E.

Seconds. K.Rowe. E.H. J.Robertson .E.H. C.Gallop. B.E.


Thirds. A.Borham. B.E. Y.Robinson. G.Sq. G.Waegeli. K.F.

Skips. V.Flett. K.F. L.Harris. Bgo. S.Howes. K.F.

Emergency. S.Koch. B.E.

Uniform for day will be: White pants, skorts or shorts. Shirts will be provided on day.
Blue or white visors or hats.

Bus will leave from Bendigo East Bowling Club.
At 7.30pm sharp..

Please contact Susan Howes or Jan Conder by Sunday 22nd to confirm your availability and advise us of your shirt size.
Susan . Ph. No. 0412542981
Jan. Ph. No. 0458448653.

BBD Selection Committee.
Jan Conder
Vicki Greenwood
Susan Howes.

Results of Anniversary Fours

Winners   Kristin Skinner, Brooke Davies, Gwen Waegeli, Susan Howes (s) Kangaroo Flat 3 wins 41 shots

Runners- Up Helen Crow, Maree McQualter, Gwenda Gullan, Noelle Berry (s) Kangaroo Flat 3 wins 33 shots

Other 3 game winners- J Grainger (Woodbury) 27 shots, R Pearce (Golden Square) 23 shots, J Belt (Bendigo) 22 shots, B Jones (Inglewood) 20 shots, J Robertson 16 shots, L Rowley (Inglewood) 13 shots, H Clough (Bendigo East) 12 shots

Thanks to White Hills and South Bendigo for use of their greens.



Results of the Bendigo Bank Women’s State Triples

Semi Finals

V Flett, G Waegeli, S Howes (s) Kangaroo Flat def I Godkin, K Rowe, J Robertson (s) Eaglehawk 19/15

 P Devereaux, P Hunter, T O’Shea (s) Castlemaine def  M Harris, Cl Frost. E Bowland (s) Castlemaine 18/15

In the Final Val Flett, Gwen Waegeli, Susan Howes def Pat Devereaux, Pam Hunter, Tricia O’Shea 18-15 after an extra end.

Results of the Bendigo Bank Men’s State Triples

Quarter Final

G Briggs, N Belt, T Babitsch (s) Bendigo def G Boyd, P Moller, C Wilson (s) Kangaroo Flat 19/17

Semi Finals

J Carter, S Carter, D Carter (s) Eaglehawk def G Briggs, N Belt, T Babitsch (s) Bendigo 18/10

G Ryan, A Tomkins, B Marron (s) Bendigo East def W Naughton, K Rusbridge, T Ellis (s) Eaglehawk  16/14

In the final John Carter, Simon Carter, Dean Carter (s) ef Gary Ryan, Aaron Tomkins, Brad Marron (s) 17/14.

Section Winners of the Men's and Women's Bendigo Bank State Triples
Section 1
D Carter
Section 2
T Babitsch
Section 3
C Wilson
Section 4
T Ellis
Section 5
B Marron
Section 2 play Section 3 Sunday morning
Section 1
J Robertson
Section 2
S Howes
Section 3
T O’Shea
Section 4
E Bowland

Men’s State Fours Draw

To be played Saturday 14th/Sunday 15th October.

Venue – Kangaroo Flat Bowls Club

9.30am for 10am start.

3 games of 15 ends

Section 1- B Byrne, I Cail, P Moller, N Belt

Section 2- S Carter, D Rowley, L Kelly, A Tomkins

Section 3- R Day, R Clough, T Babitsch, G Boyd

Section 4- R Tainton, A Brown, T Fuller, J Dixon


Women’s State Fours Draw

To be played Saturday 14th/Sunday 15th October.

Venue – Woodbury Bowls Club second day at Kangaroo Flat Bowls Club

9.30am for 10am start.

3 games of 15 ends

Section 1- A Borham, J Robertson, H Clough, T O’Shea

Section 2- K Tanner, S Howes, I Petering, E Bowland

Section 3- J Ross, G Judd, Y Rutherford, Bye


Women's 60 & Over Singles
Congratulation to Susan Howes (Kangaroo Flat) on winning the 60 & Over Singles
against Judy Brown (Golden Square) 21/16
Women's 60 & Over Pairs
Congratulations to Patti Pain/Julie Ross (Golden Square)on winning the 60 & Over
Pairs defeating Kaye Rowe/Jan Robertson (Eaglehawk) 14/13
Semi Final Results
Kaye and Jan defeated Jan Ovenden/Heather Mcleod 17/15
Patti and Julie defeated Pam Hunter and Tricia O'Shea 21/10
Men's 60 & Over Pairs
Congratulations to Torie Babitsch/Ian Ross (Bendigo) on winning the 60 & Over
Pairs defeating Ray Jobson/Peter O'Neil (Bendigo) 17/7
Anniversary Fours
To be played at South Bendigo and White Hills
9.30am for 10am Start, Monday 9th October
3 games of 10 ends. BYO lunch.
At South Bendigo
J Smith, J Fasoli, C Cail, D Reddick, C Patching, S Howes, G Judd, B Jennings, J Grainger, C Slingo,
N Berry, J Judd, T O'Shea, L Heath, L Thiele, S McDonald, K Sparke, J Robertson, M McClure, C Jansen,
V Greenwood, R Pearce, M Barras, B Jones, J Davey, J McCurry, H Hall, A Ellett.
At White Hills
M Sanou, Lyn Cole, Lany Cole, D Santon, A Butler, A Borham, Y Rutherford, V Passalaqua, H Macleod, S Williamson,
T Cooney, N Tate, S Rooke, M Chisholm, J Brennan, L Rowley, P Hunter, A Mackenzie, H Clough, D Spencer, D Clark,
D Anderson, K Rowe, V Flett, J Belt, C Berry, J Hoffman, E O'Brien. 

Results of Men’s 60 & Over State Pairs

Section Winners

Section 1 – R Jobson & P O’Neil

Section 2- A Clough & R Clough

Section 3- L Robertson & M Watts

Section 4-  C Stephens & J  Dixon

Section 5-  T Babitsch &I Ross,

Section 6-  J Phelan & B Flett,

Section 7- W Boyd &G Boyd,

Section 8- N Gaskell &M Rechter,

Quarter Finals

P O’Neil 17 d R Clough 3, M Watts 19 d J Dixon 10, I Ross 18 d B Flett 9, G Boyd 12 d M Rechter 10

Semi Finals

P O’Neil 15 d M Watts 14, I Ross 17 d G Boyd 12



Results Women’s 60 & Over State Pairs

 Section Winners

Section 1-  K Rowe & J Robertson

Section 2-  J Ovenden &H Macleod

Section 3-  P Hunter & T O’Shea

Section 4-  P Pain & J Ross


 Congratulations to Torie Babitsch who defeated John Cassidy in the final
of the 60 & Over Singles 21/17. Good Bowling Torie in the Region Final. 

Draw for Men and Women's Triples

Men’s State Triples

Saturday 7th October at Eaglehawk

9.30am for 10am Start

Sectional Play 15 ends, 2 Bowls

In Sections of three the loser plays second round

Section 1

A Brown, D Carter, M Watts, R Day

Section 2

I Cail, C Randell, T Babitsch, bye

Section 3

P O’Neil, N Davies, B Ellis, C Wilson

 Section 4

T Fuller, T Ellis, A Kendall, J Berry

Section 5

R Clough, B Marron, I Ross, R Vandenberg



Womens State Triples

 Saturday 7th October at Kangaroo Flat

9.30am for 10am start

Sectional Play 15 ends, 2 Bowls

In Section of three the loser plays second round


Section 1

J Robertson, V Ashman, J Ovenden, S Koch

 Section 2

K Tanner, J Ross, V Lisle, S Howes

Section 3

A Borham, T O’Shea, S McGregor, Bye

Section 4

H Clough, E Bowland, P Fraser, Bye


60 and Over Pairs 

Section 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 will be played at North Bendigo Monday 2nd October.
Sections 7 R Vandenberg, B Morley, G Boyd and Section 8   I Cail, M Rechter, A Kendall will be played at Golden Square.
All to report 9.30am for 10am start.
Women’s 60 & Over State Singles Results
Round 1
H Macleod 21  L Tangey 2 
P O’Shea 16 lt P Hunter 22
J Robertson wo from K Rowe
M Harris 16 lt  R Pearce 21
J Grainger 21 d H Cozens 14
R Punton 18 lt J Ross 21

60 and Over Region Finals

Region Finals The Region Finals of the 60 and Over events held at Woodbury Singles Ian Ross (Bendigo) def  Kevin Brennan (Moama) 21/11 Susan Howes (Bendigo East) lt Marilyn Stephenson (Moama) 21/12 Pairs Con O'Shea/Mal Beer (Eaglehawk) def Colin Berryman/Ray Milne (City of Echuca) 21/10 Ann Borham/Susan Howes (Bendigo East) def Beryl Eddy/Sandra Connolly (Moama) 17/7 The winners will now go to the State Finals with the singles being played at Ocean Grove and Pairs at Yarraville/Footscray

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