Men's and Women's 60 and Over pairs

Men's 60 and Over Pairs
To be played Tuesday 18th October at Bendigo
9.30am Rollup for 10am start
3 games of 12 ends

Section 1
G Bysouth (Kangaroo Flat), G Boyd (Kangaroo Flat), M Manning (Bendigo), T Wallis (Golden Square)
Section 2
S Egan (Golden Square), L Kelly (Inglewood), M Houghton (Bendigo East), J Frost (Golden Square)
Section 3
L Handley (Woodbury), C Adams (South Bendigo), G Briggs (Bendigo), M Watts (Kangaroo Flat)
Section 4
J Knott (Composite), R Clough (Bendigo East), P O'Neil (Bendigo),
Section 5
B Perryman (Bendigo East), J Grenfell (Woodbury), N Gaskill (South Bendigo)
Section 6
B Morley (Composite), A Harrison (Inglewood), J Crawford (Bendigo East), J Tate (Marong
Section 7
G Moore (South Bendigo), M Beer (Eaglehawk), A Kendall (Composite), J Weymouth (Eaglehawk)
Section 8
B Griffin (Bendigo East) I Cail (Composite),I Ross (Bendigo), S Fuller (Bendigo East.
Section 4/5 is a section of 6 with 2 winners


Section winners

M Manning, J Frost, L Handley, R Cough, J Crawford, M Beer, I Ross
Results of 60 and Over Pairs
Quarter finals J Frost def M Manning, R Clough def L Handley, B Perryman def J Crawford, M Beer def I Ross.
Semi Finals R Clough def J Frost, M Beer def B Perryman.
The final saw Con O'Shea and Mal Beer (Eaglehawk) def Albert and Rob Clough (Bendigo East) 14/10


Women's 60 and Over Pairs
To be played Wednesday 19th October at Bendigo
9.30am rollup 10am start
12 end Sectional
Section 1
P Hunter Castlemaine)
J Robertson (Eaglehawk)
B McDermott (Bendigo East)
Section 2
H Macleod (Golden Square)
V Ashman (Composite)
M Chisholm (Golden Square)
B Bodinnar (South Bendigo)
Section 3
S Howes (Bendigo East)
J Brown (Golden Square)
B Clements (Golden Square)
J Belt (Bendigo)
Section 4
P Devereaux (Castlemaine)
R Pearce (Golden Square)
G Jones (White Hills)
J Ross (Golden Square)

Results of 60 and Over Pairs

Semi Finals
P O'Shea def H Macleod 14/4, S Howes def J Ross 10/8
The final saw Ann Borham and Susan Howes (Bendigo East) def Pam Hunter and Tricia O'Shea (Castlemaine) 19/10